I hope you will find this Tool Kit helpful. It was designed to provide Audubon at Home Ambassadors with information you need at your fingertips, but remember, the only two pieces of paper you really need to take with you on a consultation are the Site Report and the Wildlife Sanctuary Certification application. That’s all! The rest of it is back-up material.

In this tool kit you will find documents such as:

  • Guidelines for getting started
  • Site Reports & Wildlife Sanctuary Certification forms
  • Links and other useful information

Stay tuned for the Ambassador’s Brief which will be sent out monthly with updates of certified properties, site visits, workshops, new programs and other items of interest.

Please contact tliercke@verizon.net if there are other documents you would like to add to this Tool Kit to make your site visits and consultations easier and more fun.

Just remember our mission is simple (Healthy Yard Pledge): Create healthy habitats in your backyards and other spaces by planting native species, removing invasive plants, reducing pesticide use, conserving water, protecting water quality, and keeping birds safe.


The document you will want to start with is:

Pocket Guidelines for Consultation with Property Owners






Other Resources (Not Included in the Tool Kit)




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