Ready to make your backyard or community space more environmentally friendly? Audubon at Home is a program designed to foster better stewardship of nearby nature.

Audubon at Home provides a range of practical ways that people in the area can use to create more natural habitats around their homes. Through the program, northern Virginians are finding methods to “naturalize” and nurture our local environment.

Audubon at Home stresses:

  • Conservation and protection of water - e.g. by using rain barrels
  • Removal of invasive plants
  • Replacement of non-native plants with native species
  • Reduction or elimination of commercial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Greater preservation of public and private natural areas

Wildlife Sanctuary Program

If you are planning on bringing nature home by creating a more eco-friendly landscape for birds, bees, and other beneficial wildlife, please contact us by using the information below and we'll help you get started.  The Audubon at Home Wildlife Sanctuary program operates throughout Northern Virginia.


For more information about the Wildlife Sanctuary program, click here.


If you live in one of the counties listed below, a Volunteer Coordinator will be happy to advise you about establishing a wildlife sanctuary or scheduling a site visit to certify your property.


Volunteer Coordinators
Loudoun County Fairfax County Arlington/Alexandria Prince William County
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Fairfax Master Naturalist Arlington Regional Master Naturalist Prince Williams Master Gardeners

Ann Garvey


Betsy Martin


Elizabeth Gearin


Leigh Pickering


Leslie Paulson



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